About Adrian Escajeda at Scenic Drive Productions

Photos by Gina Lee Escajeda

Since 2011, I have traveled the nation working in broadcast news, film companies, and freelancing as a videographer and editor. During this time, I went from being self-taught to becoming Chief Photojournalist (a manager in charge of all vehicles and equipment, teaching journalists and photojournalists how to shoot video and sound, write, edit, and present themselves on live TV). Not only did I fulfill my duties teaching and managing, but on my time off, I ran cameras for music festivals and helped create documentaries, short films, and promotional videos - some of which were shown in select theaters and film festivals. My jobs ranged from cameraman, assistant producer, digital media content creator to assisting clients in uploading videos to their social media accounts, and everything in between. After leaving the world of journalism, I was approached to produce, shoot, and edit a pilot episode for a reality TV show hopeful on BRAVO TV. I continue to travel the world freelancing as a Videographer and Editor.

More recently, thanks to Starbucks, I have returned to school to further my education at Arizona State University as a film student. In addition to obtaining my degree, I have also become a Coffee Master at Starbucks. Lately, I have begun a podcast combing my two passions of film and coffee in my Saturday Morning Cafe podcast where we discuss animation and the coffee keeping the artists going.